Stations de détente, comptage et sécurité gaz







Station de détente nue







Station de détente avec châssis



ERFI expansion stations are used to supply adapted gas to heating equipment and/or industrial furnaces



ERFI stations are composed of:


  • A filtration group
  • A quantometer
  • A safety shut-off system
  • A safety valve in case of overpressure downstream
  • A gas regulator
  • A relief valve (connected to an external vent)
  • An electrical control/safety cabinet ( installed in a non ATEX zone if necessary)


If necessary these gas lines can be doubled (normal / emergency)



All the equipment is fully assembled and cabled on a tubular chassis. It is also tested in our workshops.

The ERFI stations are delivered on site; they only need the gas connections upstream and downstream and the electrical connections for control and command since the control room.



Leur conception respecte:


Les normes harmonisées:

EN 746-1

EN 746-2


Les directives:

ATEX 94/09/CE

CEM 92/31/CEE

DESP 97/23/CE

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