Expansion stations, counting and gas security







Naked expansion station






 Expansion station with skid



The ERFI stations have as function the feeding, with adapted gas, of equipment of heating and/or industrial furnace.



Stations ERFI are composed by :

  • Group of filtration
  • Quantometer
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • Safety valve in the event of downstream overpressure
  • Gas governor
  • Blow-off valve (connected to an external breather)
  • Control / safety cabinet (established in zone not ATEX if necessary)

If process imposes, these lines gas can be doubled (normal / rescue)



The whole of equipment is entirely assembled and cabled on a tubular frame. It's also tested in our workshops.


The ERFI stations are delivered on site. They no longer require upstream and downstream connections for gas but also the electric junctions since the control room.




 The design respect:


Harmonized standards:

EN 746-1

EN 746-2



ATEX 94/09/EC

EMC 92/31/EEC

 DESP 97/23/CE