Premix station and automatic control of area








Premix station

(Double mixers)







Premix station

(3 areas - simple mixer)









Regulation zone

(With AGP mixer)


These stations are used to supply air/gas premix to a set of burners distributed in several control zones for the heating of furnaces or feeders.



The  ERFI stations are composed of:


  • Mixer(s)
  • Combustion air fans
  • Gas line(s) (filtering, expansion, counting and safety)
  • Automatic regulation(s) of zone with by-pass of small fire and breakdown service
  • Cabinet(s) of control and safety



All the equipment is fully assembled and cabled on a tubular chassis. It is also tested in our workshops.

This station, delivered on site, will only require gas connections, zone connections and electrical control / command connections from the control room.

Each premix zone piping will be protected against flashback.



 The design respect:


Harmonized standards:

EN 746-1

EN 746-2



ATEX 94/09/EC

EMC 92/31/EEC

 DESP 97/23/CE