Premix station and automatic control of area








Pre-mix station

(Double mixers)







Pre-mix station

(3 areas - simple mixer)









Regulation zone

(With AGP mixer)



Function of these stations is supply Air/Gaz mixture at burners distributed in several zones of power regulation for furnaces or feeders heating 



The  ERFI stations are made up of:

  • Mixer(s)
  • Combustion air fans
  • Gas line(s) (filtering, expansion, counting and safety)
  • Automatic regulation(s) of zone with by-pass of small fire and breakdown service
  • Cabinet(s) of control and safety




All material is entirely assembled and cabled on tubular frame. It's tested in our workshops.

This station, delivered on site, will require gas connections, connections of zones and electric junctions since the control room.

Each pipe of premix zone will be protected from burning backs




In line with:


Harmonizes standards:
EN 746-1
EN 746-2
ATEX 94/09/CE
CEM 92/31/CEE
DESP 97/23/CE