Flame arrestor (ARF) for news installations


Following EN 746-2 standard, it's necessary to install a flame arrestor by line on the pipes in air / gas premix; as close as possible to burners.

The ARF we propose (PROTEGO-FA / CNT) are deflagration-proof type. They'll be installed at a distance ≤ 50 times Ø of the mixing piping.


In the case where the implantation would require to exceed this distance by 50 times the Ø, it will be necessary to mount antidetonation ARF (more expensive and more pressure losses.


Choice between deflagration proof or detonation proof

Deflagration proof (FACN Protego)


  • Composed with fewer flame arresters
  • Cheaper
  • Less load losses
  • Slower fouling
  • Quick-access inspection door



  • Its implantation is limited to a maximum distance (50x the ØDN1)

Detonation proof (DAE Protego)


  • No imposed distance between its location and the injector ramp.


  • Device made up with more flame arresting discs
  • More expensive
  • More load losses
  • Faster fouling
  • Maintenance requires complete disassembly


Maintenance of flame arrestors                 (ARF old models)

The flame arrestor stop any propagation of flame or explosion in pipings of air/gaz mixture.

It guarantees the staff safety and the installation located upstream. The ARF is concerned with safety unit stipulated since 1996 by the standard EN 746-2, for any installation in premixing.

ERFI provides maintenance for those already installed but no longer supplies new ones. We propose the new model, in compliance with new standards.

Note of use