"AGP & AGP2" mixer - "AGS-AGE-AGEM" mixer

Mono or multi zones AGP mixer







(70 to 1700kW)






AGP2 (2 gas inputs)

(70 à 1700kW)

Correspondence table between the new and old models of mixers

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AGP mixer enables the mixing of gases at equal pressures (Pair = Pgaz)


Compared to Venturi mixers, our system ensures a homogeneous air/gas mixture in a large power modulation range by ensuring a constant ratio.


Functions et advantages

 AGP mixer combines the following advantages and functions:

  • Ensures air/gas mixing with perfect stability
  • Regulates the air/gas ratio (high flexibility and ratio consistency with 5:1 power rangeability)
  • Automatically corrects:
  1. Gas pressure variations
  2. Variations in combustion air pressure
  • Safety shutdown in case of wrong setting of the mini-mix
  • Adaptability in power according to the process without changing the mixer
  • High mixed output pressure: 85 mBar
  • Flexibility of use with one mixer per zone:
  1. Possibility of different ratios between each zone.
  2. In case of safety, only one zone is stopped




Notices d'utilisation

"AGP & AGP2" mixer - "AGS-AGE-AGEM" mixer