Troubleshooting and technical support

We propose our technical assistance for the start-up of your installations but also to troubleshoot of your equipment. All our interventions are in conformity with the following standards and directives:

  • Directive 97/23/CE
  • Directive ATEX 99/92/CE
  • Standards EN 746-2
  • Standards NFC 15100
  • Standards NFC 13200
  • Standards NFX 08-100

We are also at your disposal for all your projects of upgrading or ensuring the compliance of your installations.

This package includes all the following functions:

  • System analysis
  • Compliance with your specifications
  • Quote for the upgrade
  • Supply of the necessary equipment
  • Documentation and instructions
  • Start-up (remote or on site)

Staff trainings




We propose customized training for your users to answer the specific needs of your company.

Properly used equipment guarantees performance and durability!