The company ERFI is at your service for over 30 years to study and realization of your projects for industrial heating equipment, but also for maintenance and compliance of your existing installations.


ERFI was founded in 1987 by Christian Saigne. His son Laurent became manager since 2014.


In 1992 the SCAT company closed its doors, ERFI took over activity.

In its early days ERFI was dedicated for engineering and design/engineering. Over time, it has evolved more towards realization of its own conceptions.


We market and assure maintenance standard range SCAT (Mixers, DR valves, intensive burners, rotary, for banks burners and other accessories ...). We've evolved and we've added new products such as ARF (flame arrestor) or burner of flexible shores.


 ERFI is specialized in "turn-key" installations, in line with standards and requirements of your specifications.


ERFI manufactures spare parts according your plans.


With our international references, we'll  answer to all your problems and bring you solutions you need.



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