Turbo-MVP power variation mixer


Air / Gas mixing generator



It gathers in the same module, easily removable, the following functions:

  • The generation of the air for combustion
  • Control of power
  • The air/gas mixture
  • Control of the air/gas ratio
  • Control of the mini pressure mixture

ERFI proposed 2 modes of control of air/gas ratio:

  • Turbo MVP RP: equipped with a proportion pneumatic regulator wich ensures the constancy of the ratio with rangeability of 5:1 on the power. The adjustement of the ratio is done locally and there is no possible retransmission of the flows and the air/gas ratio.
  • Turbo MVP REM: equipped with a proportion electronic regulator and the mass flow measurement of the air and gas. Its rangeability is of 10:1 on the power. Display is done locally with a possibility of retransmission of measurements and remote adjustement from the control room (gas flow, air flow, ration and exit pressure of mixture)



 Our Turbo-MVP mixer gathers in the same module the following advantages:

  • Fast an d easy interchangeability for maintenance (module on casters, fast connectors)
  • Can be supplied on a back-up system in 230 VAC
  • High pressure of mixture exit (85 mBar)
  • The mini pressure of mixture exit being controlled, we can vary the number of numbers or manifolds without risk of burning back.




The ERFI Turbo-MVP is in conformity with the standard EN 746-2. They gather following protections:

  • Protection against burning-back
  • Protection against overpressures
  • Automatic purge of condensates
  • Gas cutoff by a double solenoide valve
  • Setting in safety if:
  1. Mini air
  2. Mini gas
  3. Maxi gas
  4. Mini mixture controlled
  5. Maximum mixture


Feeding and powers


  • Turbo-MVP RP:
  1. Gas: natural gas or LPG
  2. Pressure: 175 mBar
  • Turbo-MVP REM:
  1. Gas: natural gas or LPG
  2. Pressure: from 1 to 4 Bar


Whatever the type of control, the Turbo-MVP exists in 2 versions of power:

  • Turbo-MVP 160 kW (with a maximum power consumption of 2.0 kW)
  • Turbo-MVP 400 kW (with a maximum power consumption of 3.5 kW)


Connections and obstructions


  Turbo MVP 160 Turbo MVP 400
Gas input DN20 DN32

Air / Gas mixture output

DN65 DN100

Weight (Kg)

130 170

Note of use